Sendokai Champions

Zak, Cloe, Kiet and Fenzy are four guys from the unpopular Earth without any talent for the sport. One day, they find some bracelets that transport them to another dimension. There, they meet a coach called Tänpo, who explains that the rule of the Zorn is conquering all dimensions of the Multiuniverse. Earth is in danger, and if they want to save it, there is only one way: they will have to overcome their weaknesses, learn the art of Sendokai to become warriors, and win the Grand Tournament of the Multiuniverse.

The process

The guys at KOTOC contacted us to do this exciting AUDIO adventure. The assignment was to make music with as many cinematographic elements as possible. The idea was to reinforce the action and adventure, and to connect with children ages 6 and up. We created a soundtrack of sound effects, giving personality to each of the elements and a little magic to the characters. We then put the combination of all the elements into Stereo and Dolby E 5.1

At Banjo Music we all jived with series like Dragon ball, Champions, Power Rangers and Mazinger Z. So our goal was to create an AUDIO soundtrack of the highest quality; enabling us to produce similar conditions, but with a renewed style.

To create the soundtrack, we played around with electronics and contemporary orchestral music. In the end we came up with a hybrid texture that supplied, what we believed the series needed.

There is a theme for each character: Tanpo, the heroes, and the great Zorn. Three main themes that cater to the dramatic needs of each episode . Each SENDOKAI team has its own music; illustrating each of the opponents. Which results in 280 minutes of music.

With the sound design we experimented with sound generators and sound room effects; creating layers and layers of sounds to give life to the gigantic ships, organic balls, energy fields, brutal shots, and extraordinary phenomena.

We hope you enjoy this series as much as we do!